About Foreign Press Center

The Foreign Press Center was established in 1983 as an affiliation of the Foreign Ministry of Vietnam. 

The Foreign Press Center provides foreign journalists with a variety of services to help them report on Vietnam’s economy, politics, culture and society in line with Vietnamese regulations. The most important resource of the Foreign Press Center is its experienced, professional, qualified and fluent foreign-language speaking staff.
We understand the needs of foreign journalists and can help them to obtain visas, press, filming permits and arrange trips around the country. Foreign Press Center’s staff work as “fixers” to ensure foreign journalists can cover news events while providing an in-depth understanding of Vietnam. We can suggest contacts and arrange interviews with experts and officials in various fields in Vietnam. Our mission is to help you succeed during your assignment.
The Foreign Press Center has worked in the past to serve as a bridge between journalists, the government and the people of Vietnam.   

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