Guidance to Visiting Foreign Journalists    
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4 18 2017

In regard of the application for press or filming activities in Vietnam, the Foreign Press Center would like to inform visiting foreign journalists of the following:

The Foreign Press Center


The Foreign Press Center (FPC) under the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an authorized office which is responsible for coordinating press activities conducted by visiting foreign journalists in Vietnam.  FPC helps journalists complete their press assignments in Vietnam in the most effective way  and in accordance with the Government regulations.


The FPC mainly functions as an effective coordinator in making arrangements of :

-          Press visa and press permit ;                                         

-          Custom clearance for equipment upon arrival and departure ;

-          Visits to localities which require specific permits from local authorities ;

-          Interviews with Vietnamese people and Government officials etc ;

-          Interpreters and fixers ;

-          Other necessary procedures so as to help realize a journalistic program ;

-          Accommodation and transportation for visiting foreign journalists with no service charge.


Press permit and press visa


Foreign journalists who wish to visit Vietnam on short term assignment should send either directly to the Press & Information Department under the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to the Foreign Press Center an application letter (FORM 01/BC-BNG) , in which the purpose of visit, duration of stay, specific program and intineray, agencies and persons to meet in Vietnam,  personal information of the crew and place of visa pick up must be clearly stated for consideration.


As soon as  a press permit is issued by the Press & Information Department, a press visa will be issued accordingly at a Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission abroad where the journalists have requested to pick up at their convenience.


During their stay in Vietnam visiting foreign journalists are required to follow the approved purpose and program and be guided by an authorized office (FPC). Any changes must be informed in advance to that authorised office for consideration and coordination. Journalists have to cover all expenses relating to the realization of their program in Vietnam.


Information required in application process


In regard of the application for press or filming activities in Vietnam, FPC would like to request journalist to provide following information in details:


1. The purpose and content of the journalistic works or documentary films? What are they about?

2. How will the Vietnam stories/ coverage be used? Which TV/ radio channels or the printed media/ newspaper/ website the press products will be broadcast/ published? When they are scaheduled to appear?

3. Personal details of each of the crew: full name, sex, date of birth, nationality (original and present ones), passport number and expire date, scanned copy of the journalists’ passports (picture page) and where the press visa to be picked up (for example a Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission abroad)?

 4. Tentative working/ filming/ interview schedules (from which date to which date)  and interviewees should be clearly stated. Furthermore, a detailed travel itinerary between different cities and provinces should be provided.

5. The crew and press delegation’s expected arrival and departure flight details and list of equipment for customs clearance (If flycam is used, please inform FPC in advance in the original application letter so that FPC can appy the relevant agency for flycam permit).

6. Any request for  local manpower, equipment, and logistical arrangements ( flycams, car-transportation, domestic air tickets, hotel accommodation) during assignments in Vietnam.


Where and how to apply


The application letter (FORM 01/BC-BNG)  must be filled in and signed by journalists before being sent to FPC either online (email address is   ttbc.mfa@mofa.gov.vn )  or by post, attached with a scanned passport (photo page) of each of the crew. A detailed working schedule,  interview questions and use of flycam (if any) are also required to be sent in AT LEAST 10 DAYS  in advance.


Once we receive adequate documents from applicants, we will strart to process and timely inform applicants of press permit and press visa status. FPC  will offer assistance in terms of interpretation, coordination with local authorities and agencies to arrange requested program and other items. When journalists travelling to localities, it is normal they may be accompanied by local foreign affairs officials who would be helpful for their program..Based on proposed programs, the FPC may have its own recommendation or suggestions for journalists to consider.


Since FPC is not subsidized by State budget, a coordination fee at a reasonable rate will be charged for our supporting activities. In addition, for effective field coordination and support, FPC will normally assign a Hanoi - based press fixer to travel along and help the crew work with local authorities and agencies. All of the expense for our  Hanoi based fixer's hotel accommodation, meals and transportation (air tickets and land transportation) during his//her stay with the crew will be borne by journalists. Large crew or crew with more than one cameramen require more than one fixer to accompany,


If you need any further information, please feel free to drop us a line in our inbox at presscenter.org.vn .Thank you.

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