An Nhut Fine Rice Vermicelli    
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An Nhut Fine Rice Vermicelli An Nhut fine rice vermicelli
Jul 10 2019

During a trip to Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, anyone also wants to discover interesting things in this place such as famous landscapes, beautiful buildings, and attractive eating places. Though just a rustic dish, An Nhut fine rice vermicelli is always a favorite dish for diners in Long Dien district.

The type of rice for making fine rice vermicelli is the famous fragrant rice of Long Dien district, which is carefully selected for its completion with the flexibility and toughness as desired. Rice is mixed with sticky rice, after a 10-hours soaking, it will be pureed and steamed for about 20 minutes. Next is to put the dough into the mold, creating pieces of fine rice vermicelli with tiny woven threads like a thin white net.
An Nhut fine rice vermicelli is often served with grilled meat, spring rolls and raw vegetables. The sauce is prepared together with carrots, radishes, and lotus roots to make up the taste of the delicious fine rice vermicelli.
To enjoy fine rice vermicelli, diners also need some ingenuity. They should take a thin rice paper, arrange green vegetables, lettuce, and herbs, then roll fine rice vermicelli, grilled meat or spring rolls to dot with chili and lotus sauce.
If tourists and families have an opportunity to go to Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, they can enjoy feeling the taste of this dish. Differentiated with other sophisticated dishes, An Nhut fine rice vermicelli is a delicious dish with a flavor of Vietnamese countryside.
Source: http://www.bariavungtautourism.com.vn