Ao dai on show at festival in Ho Chi Minh City    
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Ao dai on show at festival in Ho Chi Minh City
Mar 04 2019

NDO - A festival of ao dai, the national dress of Vietnamese women, kicked off on March 2 at the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

On the opening night, the audience were treated to 15 unique ao dai collections created by renowned Vietnamese designers as well as several from the Republic of Korea, who are the first foreign designers to appear at the event.

Running for two weeks, the festival will feature an ao dai performance contest, an ao dai parade, an online photo contest on the theme of ao dais and a drawing competition on ao dai, among others.

The activities will take place at various locations throughout the city including Nguyen Hue and Bui Vien pedestrian streets of, the Youth Cultural House, the Women Cultural House, the War Remnants Museum, the City Post Office and other institutions.

An ao dai on display at the festival

With the participation of hundreds of ao dai tailors and shops, the festival is expected to showcase the outstanding beauty of ao dais to both local residents and visitors.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, HCMC Vice Chairman Le Thanh Liem stated that the festival will offer the public and visitors an enjoyable experience about the beauty of Vietnamese culture.

The festival is scheduled to last until March 17.

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