BAA Training to open pilot training facilities in Vietnam    
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BAA Training to open pilot training facilities in Vietnam
Apr 20 2018

BAA Training, one of the largest aviation training centers in Northern Europe, has recently announced the establishment of a new company in Vietnam - BAA Training Vietnam – which will operate a training center with four full flight simulators and an Ab Initio flight school by 2023.

According to Boeing’s projections, the Asia-Pacific region will require up to 253,000 new pilots to 2036. Looking at Southeast Asia alone, aircraft numbers will grow from 1,410 in 2016 to 4,200 by 2036, 77 per cent of which will be single-aisle aircraft, primarily from the A320 and 737 families. BAA Training Vietnam’s new training facility is in response to this growing training need in the region.

As construction of the training center is underway the first Airbus A320 full flight simulator is set to be deployed by the end of this year. To continue development and increase the training center’s capabilities, Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX full flight simulators are planned to be assembled to 2020. BAA Training Vietnam also aims to open an Ab Initio flight school in the next five years, in order to provide the region with complex pilot training solutions.

“By establishing BAA Training Vietnam, we aim to share exceptional know-how gathered through years of experience of BAA Training operations as well as offer the region transparent and high-standard aviation training for both corporate and private clients,” said Mr. Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of BAA Training.

BAA Training is an aviation training center oriented towards delivering individual and flexible solutions to companies worldwide. Over 750 pilots flew close to 25,000 hours in more than 85 full flight simulators in over 30 locations in Europe, North and South Americas, Africa, and Asia in 2017.