Bui Hoang Duong to hold exhibition “Forever” in Hanoi    
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Sep 11 2018

Bui Hoang Duong, a young artist of the ethnic minority people of Muong, will hold a solo exhibition entitled “Forever” at the VICAS Center for Assistance and Development of Contemporary Arts (VICAS Art Studio) in Hanoi from August 22 to September 2, 2018.

Bui Hoang Duong, who used to study landscape paintings in China and worked in Australia for years, returned home for business, then was back with painting.

With his unconditional love for dogs, he has painted nothing other than this loyal animal. He has almost 300 paintings of dogs using a variety of materials and frame sizes.

In the memory of Duong, Kiki and Koko – the two dogs that accompanied him and his wife when they studied in Guilin – are immortal. Duong said: “50% of my dog paintings were inspired by Koko and Kiki that my wife and I considered our children.”

The spirit and character of the two puppies imprinted somewhat on the painter himself. His dog paintings profoundly soaked with human personalities and social changes. These are the feelings of love, hate, fear and hatred, and internal conflicts in the context of contemporary society.

“His reflection on humanity, society and his emotions was transformed so naturally into the figures of the dogs and made the audience feel it in a very natural way. To me, these expressions of Duong is sometimes more appealing and vivid than drawing people-society,” said Bui Quang Thang, art director of VICAS Art Studio.

“In terms of art, he painted as he was entertaining and for his own satisfaction. His strokes went freely and transformative, creating shapes and colors intertwined and flicking. That made his paintings quite a bit haunting but fascinating.”