Campaign calls for changing behavior to change life    
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Campaign calls for changing behavior to change life
Apr 16 2018

In the context of booming socio-economic development, changing behavior and habits in daily life is seen as a way to improve the quality of life. That’s also the aim of the “Seven Day Challenge” campaign, launched on April 10 in Vietnam.

Changing habits of living, eating and traveling such as eating safe food and using recycled materials and public transport to reduce air pollution are among ways to help realize UN sustainable development goals.

That’s also the message delivered by the “7 Day Challenge” campaign launched in Vietnam for the first time with its theme focusing on putting an end to plastic trash pollution.

"I’ll try to eat less meat, reduce using plasticware and nilon bags. Also, I’ll try not to use electricity if not needed," said Nguyen Mai Khanh, a 6th grader in Hanoi

Successfully held in several African, Latin American and Asian countries, “7 Day Challenge”, an initiative of Sweden in partnership with the UN and Live and Learn Centre, aims to raise public awareness about the significance of changes in the way we live, eat and travel to improve the quality of life.

Pereric Hogberg, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, urged young people not to wait for someone else but to be active to see how they can challenge themselves, change their behavior and change their life.

According to the UN, realising sustainable development goals requires a tremendous endeavour from all parties. However, if each individual bears in mind of changing the way of living, it will definitely contribute to fulfilling such goals.-VNA