Experiencing Long Phuoc Tunnel    
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Experiencing Long Phuoc Tunnel A way to Long Phuoc Tunnel
Mar 25 2019

Located in Long Phuoc commune, Long Phuoc Tunnel is about 7km from the center of Ba Ria city to the Northeast. With an important strategic position related to the military, Long Phuoc is always a fiercely disputed place between Vietnamese army and the rivals during two resistance wars against French and American troops. This place formed a famous tunnel named as Long Phuoc Tunnel.

In 1948, in order to preserve forces and strengthen the revolutionary movement, Long Phuoc Party Committee launched a secret tunnel building movement in the whole commune. At the beginning, a tunnel of Mr. Nam Hoi's house was chosen with a length of 300 meters. Thanks to this, in October 1949, the revolutionary armed forces won the sweep of the French rival to maintain the revolutionary base. After that, Long Phuoc locals developed a tunnel system in 5 hamlets: East hamlet , West hamlet, South hamlet, North hamlet and Phuoc Huu hamlet. These tunnel clusters are interconnected  by spine route, with secret tunnel containing reserved food with the fighting fortifications. The spine tunnel is away from the ground from 2 meters to 3 meters. The heart of the tunnel walk is with a height of 1.5 meters to 1.6 meters and a width of 0.60 meters to 0.70 meters, ensuring easy movement.

During the two periods of anti-colonialism and imperialism, Long Phuoc army and people dug a total of 3,600 meters, in which 650 meters in Dong hamlet, 2,700 meters in North hamlet, and 250 meters in Nam hamlet. The passage of the Tunnel in the area of North hamlet was the place where occured many of the most fierce battles that has been restored a way down according to the origin.

Long Phuoc Tunnel is a place to mark the heroic revolutionary tradition, a proud pride of the future generations, and a place to show the direction of ingenious and creative war of people of Ba Ria-Vung Tau in two periods of resistance.

Visitors can directly experience the feeling of moving inside the Tunnel to understand all the intellect and bravery as well as the difficulties of soldiers during the war. Because it is a revolutionary monument point, in addition to attracting domestic and foreign visitors, this relic is also very suitable for discovery tours to learn about the history of experts, undergradute students and trips to the roots of the youth union. Long Phuoc Tunnel was recognized as a national relic according to Decision No. 34/VH.QD dated 09 January 1990 of Ministry of Culture and Information.

Source: http://www.bariavungtautourism.com.vn