Final Segment of Cha River Bridge Connected –Contract Package J2 Of the Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway Project    
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Final Segment of Cha River Bridge Connected –Contract Package J2 
Of the Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway Project
Dec 29 2016

On 22 December 2016, the Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC) held a ceremony for connecting final segment of a bridge across the Cha River in Binh Khanh commune, Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh City, which is part of the contract package J2 of the Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Project (financed by JICA)

The Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Project has total length of 57.1 km  spanning Ho Chi Minh city, Long An and Dong Nai provinces and is national key project along the North – South expressway axis. The Ministry of Transport approved the project at Decision No. 2915/QĐ-BGTVT dated 8 October 2010 and assigned VEC as the project investor. It is expected to promote socio-economic development in the key southern economic region, especially the southeastern region, attract investment, improve services, and develop tourism in Ho Chi Minh city, Long An and Dong Nai provinces.


The Package J2 (in JICA section) including Cha River Bridge and viaducts starts from Km24+503 (contiguous point to the package J1) to Km29+264 (contiguous point to the Package J3), passing through Binh Chanh commune, Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh city. The Package J2 costs 1.415.829.960 JPY and 2.457.362.431.152 VND (including taxes, fees, and 22% provision). The contractor is a joint operation of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd – Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No.4 and the supervision consultant is a joint venture of KEI-NE-OC-TEDI.


Package J2 has the commencement date of 28 October 2014 and its scale :


- The bridge was permanently build of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete. It has lanes for two-way traffic and is able to be resistant to a magnitude 7 earthquake (MSK-64)


- Total length: 4,761m; and width: 21.75m.


- Main spans of the bridge 86m+140m+86m, constructed by balancing cantilever method


- 113 spans, Super-T girder


- Using bored piles: over 44,070m, earthworks: over 16.000 m3; types of concrete: 102.896m3; tons of steel: 16.754; sets of bearing pad: 2.038.


Under complicated building conditions due to the bridge across the a large river (one of the inland river has large basin size), the construction faced difficult challenges. To speed up the project, the contractor used new technologies in the construction. Under the project investor’s strong direction and the contractor’s determination, the final segments of the Cha River Bridge were connected on 22 December 2016, cutting short the project schedule by 4 months. The completion of final segment of the Cha River Bridge has marked an important milestone since the bridge connects Binh Khanh cable-stayed bridge (J1 Package) with Phuoc Khanh cable-stayed bridge (J3 Package) under the project. The J2 Package, one of the project’s 11 construction packages finished ahead of schedule, making significant contribution to keeping the whole project on time.


Upon the completion, The Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Project will connect the southeast and the southwest regions to the international port systems and Long Thanh international airport, reducing the distance and time flow of goods and logistics services, and improving the efficiency of industrial zones and ports in the southern region. The expressway will function like the belt road No.3, contributing to reducing pressure on traffic and number of accidents on the National Road No.1 and No.51.


Moreover, the Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway  combined with the Bien Hoa-Vung Tau Expressway will be a part of the Greater Mekong Subregion’s southern economic corridor. In the future, when the Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway is connected with the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway (currently in operation) and other expressways along the North – South expressway axis, it will bring into full play the efficiency of the projects invested and managed by VEC.


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