Fulbright Vietnam to enroll 50 students for first academic year    
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Fulbright Vietnam to enroll 50 students for first academic year
Nov 14 2017

Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV) has announced it would enroll 50 students for the bachelor degree of the first academic year at the end of next August.

Those students failing to meet the requirements of English proficiency due to family backgrounds or economic conditions will be supported to improve their English skills in the initial phase.

Most of the university’s curricula are instructed in English and university lecturers are from the world’s prestigious universities.

Dam Bich Thuy, president of FUV, said the university’s curricula are designed to encourage students and lecturers to engage in discussions, allowing students to speak out their minds.  

Before entering the first academic year slated for the fall of 2019, the 50 students will be required to experience the co-design year under which the university’s lecturers will join hands with students to determine the foundation for the university culture where students are engaged and empowered at FUV.

All students of the co-design year will have the opportunity to win the FUV Founding Scholarship, which comprises a full scholarship to participate in the Co-Design Year 2018-2019 and a partial scholarship for the students’ remaining four years at FUV worth approximately US$5,000 per year.

The applications for admission are to be available by December 1.

Earlier, FUV was given a decision by the city government this May on the university’s establishment and has become the first non-profit private university in Vietnam.

Located at Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) in District 9, the university was estimated to require an initial investment of US$70 million.

This June, the university received two grants worth a total of US$15.5 million from the U.S. government while the municipal authority has allocated 25 hectares of land at SHTP for the university, with 15 hectares for the campus and 10 hectares for housing.