German Band “the other shi” to perform at Monsoon Music Festival 2017    
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German Band “the other shi” to perform at Monsoon Music Festival 2017
Nov 03 2017

The band “the other shi” was selected to represent Germany at the upcoming Monsoon Music Festival 2017, held from 10 – 12 November 2017 at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi.

The Monsoon Music Festival 2017 will explore this year’s theme of “traffic manners” in an educational effort to encourage greater caution on the capital’s roads.

As representatives of Germany, multi-artist and vocalist Alisa Tsybina and sound architect and keyboard wizard Gordian Gleiss will bring their unique sound from Hamburg to Hanoi on November 10, 8 pm.

Their music is an ambivalent blend of shrill art pop with a ruthless flair for suffering. Alisa’s lascivious voice cradles her plights in pathos and celebrates her creation in death. What remains is her battered body and a soul that slowly trickles down the gutter. Painted dream worlds plummet into a ravine of oppressive melancholy, only to resurge as a multicolor unicorn into the Mount Olympus of acid. 

The duo combines an otherworldly Future Bass with modern New Wave Romanticism like Cocorosie, Dreampop with Juke, and brutally distorted synthie sounds à la LORN with flowery synth pop and 8-bit Lo-Fi esthetics. 

And while singer Alisa’s doleful, hypnotic voice whirls over the bass-driven sound fabric woven by producer Gordian, the music easily escapes the pitfalls of corny introversion. The madly melancholy glitch is wonderfully smart, sensual, and dance-able, making the duo’s global sound very unique: music with a secure sense of style and esthetics – they simply hit every note.