Lang Son Department of Foreign Affairs with efforts to deploy the Mission of Foreign Affairs in 2017    
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Lang Son Department of Foreign Affairs with efforts to deploy the Mission of Foreign Affairs in 2017 The Vietnam - China Technical Expert Group had a field trip, identified border lines and locations for road traffic interconnections in the area of landmarks 1119-1120 ( Minh Phuong)
Jul 25 2017

Continuing to implement the “positive, active international integration” policy of the Party and the State, on February 2017, Lang Son Department of Foreign Affairs had advised the Provincial People’s Committee to organize the conference on deployment of Lang Son province’s foreign affairs in 2017 to assess the results of implementing foreign affairs in 2016and to deploy to the tasks of 2017.

According to the evaluation report of the Provincial People’s Committee, in 2016, Lang Son province’s foreign affairs and international integration have been active, positive and implement synchronously, comprehensively on the right track, with the focus, closely combined between the Party’s diplomacy, the State’s diplomacy and the people-to-people diplomacy, the province’s implementation process has closely followed the central government’s direction while seriously implementing the Party’s and the State’s regulations on unifying the management of  foreign affairs; friendship relations, cooperation between Lang Son and foreign partners, organizations, economic institutions, international finance increasingly promoted, expanded, deepened and gained some positive results; economic diplomacy, international integration, investment promotion, mobilization of foreign aid sources continue to be concerned, directed with many results; Vietnam and China land border management is seriously implemented, the border situation is basically stable and creates favorable conditions to promote the advantages of the border gate, boost the development of economic and trading activities between the two countries: Vietnam and China and other countries in the region.

Determining the direction and tasks of foreign affairs in 2017, Lang Son focuses on deploying the following contents: (i) To enhance the implementation of foreign affairs activities under the policy “positive and active international integration”, and the orientation of external affairs activities in the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress on foreign affairs and international integration and Resolution of the 16th provincial Party Congress, associated with increasing public awareness, the implementation of the Party’s policy and guidelines as well as the State’s policies and laws in foreign affairs and international integration in the new period, (ii) To formulate programs and plans to materialize objectives and tasks of the external affairs proposed by the central government and the province, timely supplement and amend, promulgate relevant mechanisms and policies to meet the new conditions and situations; (iii) To continue to expand international cooperation, focusing on strengthening friendship relations and cooperation with localities in neighboring countries, promote the establishment and development of relations with potential partners, the countries with traditional friendship relations; continue implementing the schemes effectively to establish friendship and cooperation relationships with foreign countries; promote economic diplomacy, renovate mobilization and attraction methods for FDI, ODA, NGOs into the province, paying attention to attract foreign investment to Dong Dang Lang – Lang Son Border Gate Economic Zone, Mau Son National promotion activities to facilitate trade, import and export exchanges in the province; (iv) To continue effectively implementing the cooperation agreements that have been successfully reached, maintaining the border order: peace, friendship, cooperation and development; promote the establishment of new cooperation mechanisms with localities, foreign partners in order to learn experience in planning, socio-economic development, new rural building, human resources training, urban management, environmental protection; (v) To strengthen the Party’s external affairs and people-to-people diplomacy, especially maintaining the Party channel’s friendship exchanges, supporting and facilitating the organization of exchanges between the people in border areas and with localities of strategic partner countries; (vi) To strengthen the training and improving knowledge on foreign affairs international integration, and improvement in foreign language skills for officials who directly advise on the implementation of foreign affairs at the agencies, units in the province; To update information and knowledge on international integration for provincial businessmen. 

Based on the orientation agreed at the Conference on deploying foreign affairs, all levels and sectors in the province have actively taken action and achieved results in many fields in the early months of 2017. The advisory work on building and promulgation documents concretizing the Party’s and State’s guidelines and policies has been timely done, the Department of Foreign Affairs advised the province on issuing Decision No. 643-QD/TU dated 17/4/2017 of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party on the regulations on unified management of Lang Son’s external activities, prescribing principles of leadership and unified management of foreign affairs to ensure the Party’s unified leadership and the State’s centralized, management for foreign affairs, to create the basis for formulating and promulgating the modified regulation on the management of cadres, civil servants and officials of the province when going abroad for business in quarter II/2017. The advisor work and management of delegations going overseas and foreign delegations are strictly implemented, sticking to the proposed objectives and planned programs, the implementation with smooth, close coordination among related agencies in the province, contributing to deploying external affairs in the area is implemented in accordance with the orientation, effectiveness and practicality.

Economic diplomacy and international economic integration continue to be strengthened through the implementation of programs and projects on practical cooperation in line with the local socio-economic development objectives and demands. The Department of Foreign Affairs has advised the province to organize many working programs with foreign partners, open up a lot of cooperation opportunities in many field, especially focusing on building the process system, modern technology in agricultural production in the direction of developing goods production with high productivity and quality cooperate to construct and link transport infrastructure, improve the capacity of goods circulation to serve trade activities, economic development; projects on environmental protection, sustainable development, social welfare construction, cooperation to train and develop human resources, etc. In particular, on the occasion of the business trip to the 10th meeting of the Vietnam - China Steering Committee for Bilateral Cooperation held in Beijing (China), the Department of Foreign Affairs actively advised and coordinated to organize the working session between the provincial leaders and the delegation of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (China) to review some of the results achieved in the friendship cooperation between the two provinces/regions, agree on the time to hold talks for leaders between the two provinces/regions on May 2017 and propose key contents to promote cooperation in the coming time. 

In addition to the enhancements of economic diplomacy, the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised, facilitated foreign volunteer delegations for exchanges and humanitarian activities in the form of foreign language teaching assistance, giving many scholarships, and improving facilities and valuable school objects for disadvantaged students in the area. Through volunteering activities, the Department of Foreign Affairs continues to call for and mobilize foreign businesses to support the scholarship fund for poor students in Vietnam, including Lang Son province. 

Foreign affairs information work, cultural diplomacy have been advised to be implemented simultaneously in foreign affairs activities of levels, sectors while making use of foreign media channel to introduce national and provincial innovation achievements, promote the image, potentials and strengths for cooperation and development, the environment and policies to attract, support investment, mobilize external resources for local socio-economic development objectives, hunger eradication and poverty reduction in the locality. The Department of Foreign Affairs advised the province on increasing the number of publications of external affairs bulletin every quarter, diversifying the publications of external affairs information to effective propaganda importance foreign affairs events such as APEC Vietnam 2017 and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of ASEAN countries, propaganda on knowledge about the international integration issues in the new period.

As a province with more than 231km of national border line in the area, in the first months of Foreign Affairs has advised the province on the good state management of the national border and territory, cooperation to combat cross-border crimes, to intensify cooperation in building border-gate infrastructure, active in coordination and talks with the Guangxi side (China) in order to remove difficulties and obstacles, facilitate the trade of goods, promote friendly exchanges between  the authorities and the people of both border sides, contributing to building the border line: peace, stability, cooperation and development.

Defining the key tasks in training and improving knowledge on foreign affairs for cadres and civil servants, on April 2017, the Department of Foreign Affairs chaired, collaborated with Institute of Strategic Research, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and Institute of Chinese Research – the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences to organize a training workshop on foreign affairs to update knowledge on foreign affairs for cadres and officials who are directly engaged in foreign affairs and international integration at agencies and units in the province, contributing to enhancing knowledge and skills in foreign affairs to meet the requirements in the new situation. 

It can be said that orientations and tasks adopted in the conference on deploying foreign affairs in 2017 have been actively implemented by the Department of Foreign Affairs and all levels, sectors in the province and brought many encouraging results. To complete the adopted goals and tasks of foreign affairs from now until the end of the year, the Department of Foreign Affairs will actively continue coordinating with the agencies in the province to thoroughly implement foreign policies and guidelines of the Party and the State, strengthen advisory work, develop friendship cooperation relationships, potential partners, maintain regular cooperation relationships with foreign diplomatic missions, international economic and financial organizations, enhance the efficiency of foreign affairs activities, attract investment, promote trade, and actively seek, call for and mobilize potential NGOs to increase the value of NGOs aid, manage the national border line in the area effectively, maintain security and order in the border areas, take advantage of favorable external conditions for the cause of national construction and defense.

Source: Lang Son Department of Foreign Affairs