Ly Son issues code of conduct for islanders and visitors    
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Ly Son issues code of conduct for islanders and visitors
Oct 12 2017

The authority of Ly Son Island District off Quang Ngai Province has issued a code of conduct applicable to the tourism industry on the island, including recommendations of dos and don’ts for local residents, travelers and tourism service providers with an aim to turn the beautiful island into a civilized and friendly tourist spot.

In particular, the district authority encourages islanders to refrain from using plastic bags and not to take advantage of local knowledge to defraud visitors. They are not allowed to consume, trade in and use banned substances, or wild animals and endangered species.

Meanwhile, business owners are required to apply the same price policy to domestic and international travelers and not to push up prices on occasions of overcrowding.

Local residents and business service owners will have to sign a commitment to abide by the code of conduct. 

Meanwhile, those who visit the island have to strictly comply with laws, respect local customs and traditions, and drink responsibly when consuming beer and alcohols at food shops and eateries. They are also advised to wear suitable clothes at places of worship and sacred festivals and show a sense of civilization at public places, especially sanctuaries.

This set of rules slated to take effect from early November will be printed to distribute to tourists on high-speed boats from Sa Ky fishing port to Ly Son Island.

Ly Son Island is famous for breathtaking natural landscapes in Central Vietnam and the number of local and international visitors to the island has been on the rise.