Start connecting with MyPresscenter, a place journalists can request for press accreditation online, get the latest updates on Vietnam news, upcoming events.

What are the benefits of registering with Presscenter.org?

Presscenter.org.vn is a website brought to you by the Foreign Press Center under the Ministry of Forein Affairs of Vietnam. Here, foreign journalists can find news about Vietnam, press releases, an image gallery, video library, media directory and particularly guidance for press activities in Vietnam.

All of this information is accessible to all site visitors, but when you register with the website, you can customise the available news and events to match your personal interests. By selecting “Your main subject(s) of work”, you can set up filters, and in so, doing generate one or more lists of only those news and events that correspond to your interests. The system stores your personal lists so that you have access to them whenever you visit the website.

Especially, by registering with Presscenter.or.vn, foreign journalists can access MyPresscenter where you can request for press accreditation online, which means you can directly apply  for short-term, non-residential press activities in Vietnam.

How do you register with Presscenter.org.vn?

Click “Register” on the Top Banner section or “Register as a journalist” underneath the section titled MyPresscenter in the right-hand column of the homepage
You are then directed to the “Registration” screen.
Fill in the various fields. (Please note that you may upload a picture of yourself, though this is not required.)
Click the “Create account” button.
You then will receive a confirmation email from us in your inbox.

How do you request for press accreditation online?

Once you have logged in with your username and password, click “Request for Press Accreditation” underneath the section titled MyPresscenter in the right-hand column.
of the home page.
The screen “MyPresscenter” appears.

Select “Application for press accreditation”

Fill in the various steps and fields  
Click “Add other crew member(s)” if there are more than one journalist in the crew. You are then directed to new application form(s) for other crew member(s) to fill in.
Click the “Save” button to save the filled-in information for each person.

You can also view, edit the filled-in information or remove the person from the list by using the “View”, “Edit”, “Delete” button in the left-hand column of the application form.

Click”Download” button to retrieve the filled-in application required by Vietnamese embassies/consulates abroad to issue press visas.

Once all the various steps and fields have been filled in for every person(s) in the crew, click “Submit” button to send request for press accreditation to Foreign Press Center. We will process and reply you as soon as possible.


What are the other features of MyPresscenter?

In MyPresscenter, you can also view and edit lists in My Profile and My Events sections.

In the Events section of the homepage, click “Add to My Events” button underneath any event article that correspond to your interests. The event article will then be stored  in MyPresscenter under My Events section.