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  • Executive Board
  •  - Mrs. Trinh Tu Lan,  Director
  •  - Mr. Tran Duc Hung, Deputy Director
  •  - Mr. Vu Viet Dung, Deputy Director

  • Deputy Director
    Deputy Director
    Deputy Director
    Deputy Director
  • Organization

There are 3 divisions within FPC: 

The Press
Coordination Division provides foreign journalists with useful and effective assistance in conducting their press activities during their assignment in Vietnam. It includes arrangement of:

  • - Press visa and general press permit.  
  • - Custom clearance for equipment upon arrival and departure.
  • - Visits to localities with specific permits from local authorities.
  • - Interviews with Vietnamese government officials, business leaders, scholars and people
  • - Interpretation service.
  • - Other necessary procedures or paper works so as to help realize journalists’ programs.
  • - Accommodation, transportation, and other logistical services at the request of the foreign journalists.

The Media Relations Division is responsible for the cooperation with foreign and domestic media organizations and agencies in introducing and promoting the image of Vietnamese country and people to the world, providing local and foreign press with official information about Vietnam’s economic, political, cultural, social development. It administers the official website of FPC.

The Administration Division provides all the administrative works for the FPC’s staff, thus ensuring a successful fulfillment of the foreign journalists’ mission.