Photo exhibition spotlights Ho Chi Minh City’s development after liberation    
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Photo exhibition spotlights Ho Chi Minh City’s development after liberation
May 06 2019

NDO - A photo exhibition opened in Ho Chi Minh City on April 25, showcasing the city’s 44 years of development and integration since it was liberated in 1975.

The event, which lasts until May 5, aims to mark the 44th anniversary of the southern liberation and national reunification day as well as International Labour Day.

The photos on display offer visitors a general overview of the southern people’s heroic struggle to liberate the southern region and reunify the country.

The exhibition also showcases a dynamic and creative Ho Chi Minh City, which has made significant contributions to the nation’s economic reform and is working towards becoming a smart city after more than 40 years of strong development.

On the occasion, another photo exhibition on the Vietnamese seas and islands was also held, introducing over 200 photos selected from 5,000 items by 900 photographers.

The works captured lively moments of nature, life and the training of the people and soldiers living on the nation’s islands and coastal regions.
Meanwhile, in Hanoi, an exhibition opened at the D67 House within the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long under the theme “Spring of 1975: From Headquarters to Independence Palace”.

The D67 House was built in 1967 as the work place of the Central Military Commission and the General Headquarters of the Vietnamese People’s Army.

The exhibition entitled “Spring of 1975: From Headquarters to Independence Palace” in Hanoi. (Photo: NDO/Giang Nam)

The photos and objects on display show a stark contrast between the D67 House and the Independence Palace of the Saigon regime. One was simple equipment while the other was lavishly equipped.

But from this house and its basement, many important decisions were made for the national liberation revolution.

The exhibition lasts until the end of May and is an opportunity for visitors to recall and learn more about the forefathers’ revolutionary tradition.

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