Photo Project Workshop with Zhuang Wubin in Hanoi    
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Photo Project Workshop with Zhuang Wubin in Hanoi
Nov 08 2017

Have you always wanted to make a photo project? Do you wish to experience the process of conceptualizing, producing, editing and presenting your work? Do you want to deepen your understanding of PHOTOGRAPHY? As a mean of exploiting and expressing yourself? As an artistic practice and development? As a professional photographer? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this workshop is meant for you!

This seven-day workshop is for photographers and artists who wish to develop photo projects. You can propose projects that are documentary or conceptual in nature. You can develop a new project or pursue an ongoing work. This is not a technical workshop. The focus is on conceptualization, execution, editing and presentation.

The workshop will be held at Heritage Space, 6 Nguyen Hoang, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi from November 20 to 26 (10am-6pm).

This workshop is open to participants of any nationality. There is a simple pre-selection process. Please send the URL or PDF of your work (in ENGLISH) to indicate your interest to wubin.sg@gmail.com. Once selected, you will be contacted (before the workshop) to begin the preparation work.

Workshop fee: US$130 each. Discounted price for diploma, degree and Master-level students (with proof of current student ID): US$100 each. Upon selection, participants will be required to pay to reserve their slots.

Zhuang Wubin is a writer, curator and artist. As a writer/curator, Zhuang focuses on the photographic practices in Southeast Asia. A 2010 recipient of the research grant from Prince Claus Fund (Amsterdam), Zhuang is an editorial board member of Trans-Asia Photography Review, a journal published by the Hampshire College and the University of Michigan Scholarly Publication Office. He has been invited to research residency programs at Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong (2015) and Institute Technology of Bandung (2013). He is the contributing curator of the biennial Chiang Mai Photo Festival (2015, 2017).

As an artist, Zhuang uses photography and text to visualize the Sinophone communities in Southeast Asia. Zhuang has made presentations, exhibited work, curated shows and taught classes in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, UAE, China, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam.