PM pushes textbook, curriculum reform    
Xem lịch sử tin bài
PM pushes textbook, curriculum reform Reform of text books was urged to push up.
Jun 20 2018

Moves to reform textbooks and the general education curriculum must be undertaken to reduce work overload among students, the Prime Minister said in an instruction.

The Ministry of Education and Training, localities, and relevant offices were asked to review the educational curriculum along with teaching staff and school facilities to realise necessary reforms.

Textbooks should meet the requirement of reducing information overload among students in terms of scientific and practical knowledge.

Under the instruction, individuals and organisations are encouraged to participate in textbook compiling.

The planned reforms also include changing teaching methods as well as student evaluation procedures and examinations.

The Ministry of Education and Training was asked to establish standards for teachers and principals and to evaluate the qualifications of teachers and eductional workers.

The ministry was also required to provide further training for teachers and educational managers to effectively implement plans for educational reform.

Localilities were asked to use their budgets effectively and to mobilise other financial sources to help schools shift to the new textbooks and curriculum. – VNS