Preparing Facilities for 2017 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week    
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Preparing Facilities for 2017 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week Image (internet)
Aug 07 2017

In the nation’s great joy for Viet Nam’s 2nd time as a host of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 2017 (1st time in 2006), the government and people of Da Nang City are honoured and proud that Da Nang is the venue for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week (AELW), the highlight of APEC Viet Nam 2017 with various important events, in which the most outstanding are the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM) and the CEO Summit. As preparing facilities and logistics is identified as one of the most urgent and important tasks in the preparation roadmap for AELW, under the direction of the 2017 APEC National Committee and guidelines of relevant central ministries and agencies, Da Nang City has mobilised its resources and actively carried out preparations since 2015. Accordingly, facilities needed include the construction, upgrading and renovation of venues for the AELW and Press Centre; Da Nang International Airport; health and emergency facilities and conditions; telecommunications infrastructure; power supply, water supply and drainage systems; urban landscape refurbishment; and the refurbishment of facilities for programmes for visiting spouses and delegations.

It is expected that AELW will attract over 10,000 international delegates to attend six main events including AELM, CEO Summit, the ABAC Members’ Dialogue with APEC Leaders, Foreign – Economic Minister Meeting, Senior Officials Meeting, and a Gala Dinner for APEC economic leaders. The inspection and selection of venues for these AELW events and the Press Centre have been implemented at an earlier stage to ensure security and contribute to promoting Viet Nam’s image in general and Da Nang’s in particular. The building, upgrading and renovation of these works have been deployed under the principles of saving, not wasting, integration with socialisation and having the ability to be utilised for other major events in the future. Until now, the construction of works planned for AELW are being accelerated by private and state investors in order to meet the planned schedule and be prepared for receiving advance delegations from APEC economies in July 2017. After inspecting works under construction and renovation for AELW, in addition to the requirement of timely completion, the National Committee’s work groups and Da Nang leaders also asked investors to pay attention to building and completing the landscapes surrounding the works to create a good impression for delegates.

Since the end of 2015, the Da Nang International Airport has been upgraded and expanded to meet the parking needs of aircrafts serving delegates from the 21 economies. The project has been invested in by the Airport Corporation of Viet Nam (ACV) at the Da Nang International Airport including 3 main items: constructing the Da Nang International Airport’s International Terminal with a total investment of about 3.5 trillion VND; constructing the VIP Guesthouse of the Da Nang International Airport with an area of 800 m2 within the 4,200 m2 area, a reasonable premise for exploitation and a suitable technology line which will ensure security and safety; and expanding the aircraft apron to the north and constructing a new runway, E7. After expansion and use of the Air Force Division No. 372’s apron, the total number of aircraft parking lots is expected to be 43. The preliminary arrangement of aircraft parking for AELW delegations includes installing temporary parking lots on one runaway and taxiway. In case the number of aircrafts exceeds 50, the solution is to use Phu Bai and Noi Bai airports for parking arrangements.

Additionally, upgrading and ensuring information infrastructure and power supply systems are also focused on. To ensure the information infrastructure for AELW, the city has made a plan and carried out several activities, including: building telecommunications – information technology systems for the Press Centre; upgrading fixed and mobile communications systems, internet systems and mobile base stations in places where the events take place, and preparing walkie talkies for delegations and organisers; completing the city’s public Wi-Fi system; arranging and refurbishing information cables on the roads serving AELW; constructing underground information cable systems to expand the MAN optical cable at some roads within the areas of AELW events. To ensure a stable and reliable power source for AELW, the city’s relevant agencies have closely cooperated with the investors of these works to review and check the preparation of back-up power generators and high-capacity power storage units at the events’ venues so that power can be generated constantly and stably during AELW.    

To create a good impression for international delegates, Da Nang also pays attention to enhancing and renovating urban landscapes. Thus, the city People’s Committee has approved to renovate and refurbish 28 internal and external roads and pavements; invest in lighting systems; plant trees along the roads; and renovate and complete the public sanitation system.

Also, to mark APEC 2017 and AELW held in Da Nang City, with the approval of the City People’s Committee, Da Nang will construct an APEC Park, displaying sculptures provided by the 21 APEC member economies which represent the cultural characteristics of the economies and APEC 2017. The Park is built on a 3,047 m2 area of land, located at the intersection of 2nd September Street and the Bach Dang Street Extension in Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District. This is a beautiful spot, located in the centre of the city and near tourist attractions. The Park has a brick yard and walkway of 752 m2, and trees will be planted on most of the remaining area to create an area of green trees and grass for displaying the statutes of the 21 member economies. The APEC logo will be located at the centre of the Park. The 319 Corporation, Ministry of Defence is the investor of the infrastructure of the APEC Park project. Central ministries and agencies are considering a proposal to include tree planting at the APEC Park in the programme for APEC economic leaders’ spouses.

At present, the works which serve AELW are being accelerated to prepare for APEC economies’ advance teams to Da Nang in July and October 2017. The City People’s Committee leaders regularly inspect, monitor and push the relevant units to complete the works on schedule and ensure the best facilities in quality, security, appearance, function and landscape for AELW. Da Nang weather will be favourable up to June 2017; therefore, investors and contractors are speeding up the construction progress of the works. However, the workload for investors is still huge, especially in choosing and arranging furniture and equipment needed for AELW events.

As the venue for AELW, in November 2017, Da Nang is going to welcome thousands of delegates, entrepreneurs and reporters from APEC member economies. This is an honour and a responsibility for the city. The active and thorough preparation of facilities for AELW is not only an important factor contributing to the success of the events, but also helps promote the image and potential of the city to senior officials and leading enterprises in the world from 21 member economies.

Source: Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs (Thuy Hoa - translated by Thuy Linh)