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Jul 30 2018

1. What is Viet Nam’s reaction to the US relocation of its Embassy to Jerusalem and the growing conflict in Gaza Strip recently?

Viet Nam has been following closely and express concern over escalating violence in Gaza Strip for the last days, which left many Palestinians killed and injured.

Once again, Viet Nam protests the use of force, calls for restraint, ending the growing tension, settling conflicts through peaceful measures, seeking a comprehensive, fair and stable solution, while ensuring civilians’ safety and legitimate interests of concerned parties as well as peace and stability in the region.

Viet Nam holds that all solutions related to Jerusalem should be compliant with international law, especially United Nations’ resolutions, and with the consensus of relevant parties.

It is Viet Nam’s consistent stance to support the struggle for righteous cause of the Palestinian people, the two-State solution which enables the establishment of a State of Palestine co-existing in peace alongside the State of Israel with the pre-1967 border and East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

2. How did Viet Nam react to the US’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal?

Viet Nam always supports dialogue on peaceful solutions to all disputes. We hope that members of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions (JCPOA) will persist in negotiating for solutions that bring peace, long-term stability for the region and the world.

3. What is Viet Nam’s reaction to the high-level meeting between the US and the DPKR that will tentatively take place on June 12, 2018 in Singapore?

Viet Nam supports constructive efforts, resolving all disputes through peaceful dialogue, contributing to peace, security and stability in the Korean Peninsular and the world at large.

4. Can you confirm the news saying a Vietnamese minor has been arrested near the border of Quang Ninh and Guangxi for smuggling 2kg of accessories made of ivory?

After receiving the information, MOFA had immediately instructed the Consular Consulate of Viet Nam in Nanning to contact China’s authorities for information and their handling of the case as well as to stand ready to take necessary measures to protect the legitimate right and interest of citizen.

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