The Conference on "Ha Giang Presentation"    
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The Conference on "Ha Giang Presentation"
Jan 23 2018

This special event will be taken in New Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, No. 2 Le Quang Dao St, Nam Tu Liem Dis, Hanoi on February 1st 2018.

Located in Northeast Vietnam, Ha Giang is the area with the diversity of cultural identities of ethnic minorities expressed through cuisine, costumes, festivals and custom.  

As a mountainous province with a complex terrain, Ha Giang is famous for Dong Van Plateau, Khau Vai love market and the valley of colorful flowers combined with cultural diversity of the ethnics.  

The province covers an area of 7.914,9 square kilometres, and its population was 746.300 peoples including Mong, tay, Dao, Nung, Kinh ethnic groups, ect. While the Mong is the largest ethnic minority group (according to statistic in 2009).

"Ha Giang Presentation" Conference will be organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ha Giang province aiming to promote the image, potentials and attact invesment, trade, cultural development and tourism of Ha Giang province to the international community with the participants of Member of the Politburo, Deputy PM, Minister  of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh, Member of Party Central Committee, Provincial Secretary of Ha Giang province Trieu Tai Vinh, Diplomatic Missions in Vietnam, Vietnamese and foreign press agencies, etc.