Xem lịch sử tin bài
Nov 04 2013


For journalists who wish to have interviews with representatives of Government and private offices, the New Year and Lunar New Year (Tet) periods and public holidays are not good time to come, all the offices are busy with the year-end business and it is difficult to make an appointment with them.  
For TV crews who wish to have filming in Vietnam, please, take some time to discuss details of the program with their coordinator, they will give you best advice about weather, timing and location that will help you to have the best pictures of Vietnam. Bellows are some general information for your consideration:

In Northern provinces of Vietnam, there are 4 seasons a year. From February to early May, it is spring time and the weather is cold with high humidity. In the whole country, it is time for Lunar New Year celebration and called as “Season of Festivals”. Summer time begins in late of May and from June to early of July is hottest time in the North. Autumn is about to come in early of September with blue sky and beautiful sunshine. Winter time is from December until January with cold and dry atmosphere.


In Central and Southern provinces, there are only 2 seasons: dry and rainy seasons. Hottest time there is around late of April and May. Please, take into account while working out your filming and traveling schedule that the typhoon and flooding time in central provinces of Vietnam is around September and early October.