Treasures from ancient shipwrecks on display in Quang Ngai    
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Treasures from ancient shipwrecks on display in Quang Ngai Various pottery pieces are discovered at the ancient shipwrecks. (Photo: VNA)
Jun 21 2019

Quang Ngai (VNA) – A wide range of treasures discovered in nine ancient shipwrecks in Vietnamese waters were exhibited at the centre for promoting values of cultural heritages in the central province of Quang Ngai on June 19.

On display were pottery pieces like vases, bowls, plates, and jars found in Binh Thuan province, ceramic items dated 13th-14th century in Binh Dinh province, and stone statues in Ha Tien province.

Particularly, nearly 16,000 Chu Dau pottery pieces discovered in shipwrecks in Quang Nam province’s Cu Lao Cham waters reveal a quintessence of Vietnamese culture. They are vivid illustration for Vietnam’s resounding success in exporting local staples to foreign countries.

Other exhibits originated from China and Thailand.

Experts said that the excavation and study of ancient shipwrecks bring about valuable documents and treasures for the Vietnamese archeological sector. Besides, they also proved Vietnam once had vibrant trade and cultural exchanges via sea route.-VNA
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