Vietnam, Japan agree to cooperate on cancer treatments    
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Vietnam, Japan agree to cooperate on cancer treatments Leaders from K Hospital and Japanese NCC sign the cooperation agreement. (Photo: NDO)
Apr 17 2018

A cooperative agreement was reached between the Hanoi-based K Hospital and Japan’s National Cancer Center (NCC) in the Vietnamese capital on April 16, for the promotion of collaboration between the two sides in the treatment of cancer.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Director of K Hospital, Prof., Dr. Tran Van Thuan said that the Ministry of Health’s facility and the NCC would coordinate their research on cancer, organise symposiums and scientific activities, and promote cooperation for the training of doctors and health workers in the field.

The agreement focuses on training related to the most advanced techniques in cancer prevention and treatment, such as proton beam and heavy ion radiotherapies, to prepare for the implementation of these methods at K Hospital in the near future.

The two sides also agreed on the exchange of patients between Vietnam and Japan to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Specialists from both sides will conduct online consultations on special cases, exchange experience on treatment methods, and facilitate the transfer of patients needing proton and ion therapies for treatment at both the NCC and the Vietnamese hospital.

According to Dr. Thuan, Japan has an advanced medical sector with prestigious hospitals in the field of prevention, diagnosis, early detection, and treatment of cancer.

The NCC, founded in 1962, is the first hospital in Japan and the second in the world to be equipped with a proton therapy system. The centre is recognised as a leader in the field of hi-tech cancer treatment in Japan and throughout the region.-NDO