The Foreign Press Center are glad to facilitate your filming in VietNam with following services:

Official press/film permit in Vietnam

Foreign Press Center is the authorized govermental agency to issue the official press/film permit for all foreign journalists, to facilitate your filming in Vietnam. Therefore, it is absolutely easy and convenient for you all to apply for the permit by filling in the attached request form and email the fullfiled one back to us or email directly to: (Mr. Luong Hoang Giap, Director of Foreign Press Center) and/or

Drone permit

According to CAAV (Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam), drones are allowed in Vietnam, subject to CAAV regulations. Each drone flight conducted in Vietnam requires a special flight license. That is to say you need to have a permit to use drone for filming in VietNam. Applications must be submitted to the Operations Bureau of the General Command Post of the Ministry of Defense at least 14 days before the planned date of the flight. The Foreign Press Center can help you to filling up the form and carry out procedures to get the permission for drone filming in VietNam.
Nevertheless, drone permit won’t be granted if you use drone at or close to: military base, airports, seaports, train stations, electricity and water plants, electricity stations, government offices, television and broadcasting stations, research institutes, and border of the country and more. Our staff will inform you in advance of locations where you cannot use the drone.

Live permit for breaking news coverage, live broadcasting

Support on location, translation & transcription

Upon your arrival in Vietnam, an knowledgeable staff of Foreign Press Center will be assigned to work with you. He/She is responsible for all coordination, arrangement and interpretation works throughout the trip as your request. The fee for services will be decided upon journalists’ specific programs and informed to you in advanced.

Supply of local crew in all countries/provinces in VietNam

In case you are unable to bring your crew for filming in VietNam because of travel expenses, visa fees, etc. LET’S US KNOW. We can help you to find locally-based, professional cameraman/DOP, drone operator, photographer, sound man, production assistant,…

Entry through customs & immigration arrangements

If you want to bring your TV and camera equipments to VietNam for filming, you should provide to us in advance the list of equipments and accessories, including equipment type, serial number and other technical information. Foreign Press Center will arrange custom permit and our staff will be at the airport upon your arrival and departure to facilitate the custom clearance formalities.

Transport and accommodation arrangements

Public transportation in VietNam is still fairly poor quality, so I don’t recommend that this is the mode you use for filming to get around the country. Its unreliable, not necessarily safe and thefts can occur.

During your filming in VietNam, it’s easy to take domestic flights throughout Vietnam and they are competively priced, but some more remote areas will have less flights and so booking flights (in order to secure seats and excess luggage) need to be arranged in advance We provide tranportation service (16 seater car or 5 and 7 seater car ) which is specially registered for foreign press activities without any trouble from local traffic police.

Rransport and accommodation arrangements esearch prior to the shoot, content suggestion, find contributors, profiles, talents & model casting

Location scout and management

With our location scout database, Foreign Press Center can help you find the perfect filming locations for your project in Vietnam. No matter where you’re looking for and regardless of the nature, scale or budget of your film production, our location scouts will work with your brief to find you the best possible location for your film. There are a number of things to think about when deciding where to shoot your project. Our location scouts consider:

  • Aesthetics and lighting
  • Logistics of filming
  • Finances
  • Accessibility
  • Filming permits, regulations and restrictions
  • Security

Equipment and props supply sourcing

For your filming in Vietnam, filming equipment can be hired within Vietnam, but you do need to give notice before coming out on the shoot. We use reputable companies that test, clean and re-test their equipment between shoots. You can hire the latest gear from all the big names: ARRI Alexa, RED Epic & RED One MX digital cinema cameras, ARRI film cameras, intricate zoom and lenses from Cooke, Angenieux, Carl Zeiss. You can also hire lighting and grip equipment like Kino Flo, HMI, Fresnel as well as sound and generators. Insurance when hiring equipment against breakages etc. needs to come from your end.