From: Heidi KuhnFounder/CEO Roots of Peace

On behalf of Roots of Peace, I am most grateful to you for facilitating a highly productive visit to Vietnam—turning MINES TO VINES—replacing the minefields with bountiful fresh pepper vines! See and click DONATE to view the recent short film produced, as we continue to raise both funds and awareness to benefit the poor/rural farmers in Quang Tri Province, former DMZ. The Vietnamese government was most helpful in both Hanoi and all the various provinces which we personally visited—thank you!

I look forward to closely working with you in the upcoming months, as we prepare for the 40th Anniversary of the end of the war (April 2015) and the 20th year of Normalization between US/Vietnam (July 2015).  Our humanitarian effort clearly demonstrates the ‘true friendship’ between our two countries, as we seek to remove the legacy of war…so that farmers and families may thrive!

Finally, I remain most grateful to VTV for producing a 45 minute segment featuring our Roots of Peace efforts.  Per your producers, it is scheduled to air later this month to an audience of over 90 million viewers—bringing ‘light’ to our genuine efforts to plant the roots of peace.

With sincere gratitude,

Heidi KuhnFounder/CEO Roots of Peace